Designed, often built,  by our firm……… Landscape Rooms are the best way to invest in your home.

Perfectly symmetrical swimming pool

A landscape Room is a dedicated space, usually attached to your home, through a slider, side doorway, off a deck. Knowlegable homeowners use  landscape rooms as ways of minimizing maintenance. The rest of the yard can be left in its natural state as you see fit. Yes, swimming pools can be WITHIN a larger, dedicated LANDSCAPE ROOM!

2 Outdoor rooms in 1

Circles on Circles

These photos are one of the few ways of showing outdoor landscapes…why? Most landscapes are panoramic and difficult to view at one photo shot, landscape rooms are smaller, concise, and one can “wrap their arms around them”, therefore easier to photograph, easier to access, easy to use, easy to maintain, hard to build!

Walking through the lawn



Dock Patio
Grand Entrance
Swimming Pool Room
Zen Garden
Sunburst Patio
Outdoor Patio Room
Sitting Walls  


A landscape room can increase your property value by tens of thousands of dollars and one of the few improvements, that, not unlike a new kitchen, adds positive economic value to your property. Properly done, these rooms are usable, low maintenance, and valuable. Improperly done, landscapes can be like an albatross, and devaluate property! There is a correct way to fit the outdoors with the indoors…let us show you how!